I Will Kill Myself

I can't talk to anyone in this world. I don't have any friends and I don't have any enemies just people judging my imperfections. I can't take this anymore. I pray to God to kill me somehow. It is just too much. The little pride I have for my life is vanishing so fast.
savemeplz savemeplz
18-21, M
2 Responses Aug 2, 2010

please think of what will happen once your gone ..the world will never be the..same for any of us ..<br />
i have already lived though this nightmare ...a close friend shot himself in the head ..he died 15 minutes later ..he left behind a one yr daughter and a famliy that will never know why ???his note was about untruths ..so why did he take his life ...because he didn't love or care enough about the people in his life ....one more Death is forever

Please reconsider-Don't let other people or other people's opions take control of your life. If you make a decision make sure that it's what you want and not about anyone else. I hope this helps somehow.