The Day My Heart Died

I was 16 when I met him he was37 he was my life I moved in with him my family didn't like him so now we don't talk much we had been togerther for 1year 3months he has 4 kids and ex he used to say he was staying at his ex for weeks and months saying his kids needed him and I stuck bye him and let all my family leave me one night I met him ex and she told me they been sleeping togerther all along his kids didn't know but me so he used to hide me in cubureds I went to see him to ask why he did this and he said wits it to do with u he killed me that night I swallowed 50 pills and passed out my phone went and went and my sister couldn't gt hold of me she came to my house and looked through the letter box and saw me my dad came and kicked the door in web ambulance came I wasn't breathing well and while passed out fitting and being sick I woke up in hospital and said why could I just died that bite he came and got me made me go home I couldn't walk well he still come round bye me a drink then sleeps with me I've tryed to kill myself about 10 times since then but he keeps coming back
Gilmourn1 Gilmourn1
1 Response May 5, 2012

I Love your courage, I love that your heart needs so much you dont say no, do you know these are amazing personality traits???<br />
You dont give up. You could be amazing honey. <br />
Just shift your focus, find a way, you can, I KNOW YOU CAN, because when you decide something, ITS DECIDED!!! So Make a decision about your life and go live long strong and proud. These +&%#@!$%^& end up being a thread, a thread that weaves your whole life and makes the tapestry that is you :)<br />
You would not be the wonderful person YOU ARE AND ARE GROWING TO BE WITHOUT EXPERIENCES GOOD AND BAD!!!! xx