In Pain

My life is worthless. I am a failure at everything I do, have been betrayed by just about everyone I thought was my friend and, to top it off, am constantly forced to endure the never ending burdens that awful, horrible family members have left for me to deal with. Everyone tells me things get better. Well, for me, they haven't in 38 years and I am just getting tired of struggling every single day of my life. I'm unhappy, unfulfilled and know my life will amount to absolutely nothing. I am beginning to lose my fear of killing myself. I only have to figure out the quickest, most painless way to do it.
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36-40, M
3 Responses Sep 20, 2012

If you have God in your life then why are you depressed. Let God handle everything. I wanted to kill myself when my mom was bad and kids we're teasing me at school. Do not let the bully win by killing yourself. If you do not have God in your life still don't kill yourself. Message me if you want to kill yourself because I will talk you put of it. God bless you

Me too.

Bro... channel your disappointment into rage... and beat the **** out of something. (Preferably not something living : )

You know what **** doesn't get better. It usually doesn't I think. If you kill yourself you'll be a little punk... and I'll be damned if you or me are going to be fate's little *****.