Alone And In Pain

My back ruptured and I'm in constant pain. I had surgery. Nobody cares, not the hospital, not my family. Nobody came to see me. Not even my husband. My own mother hates me because I'm her scapegoat. She poisons everyone's mind against me by spreading lies, so I'm never invited to family functions, or she tells them she'll extend the invitation to me and doesn't. I just told my husband I'm despondant and he yelled that I have no reason to be since I have him as a slave. He's taken that back, of course, since when I die he'll lose my paycheck and have to get a job, but I got the message loud and clear.

My career was my reason for living and I fear that is slipping away because I'm in so much pain I can't concentrate. Everything I read urges me to keep living for my friends and family, but I don't have anyone in my life who will miss me. When I die my mother will cry big crocodile tears and milk it for as much sympathy as she can get, but secretly she'll be glad I'm gone, since it will validate her sense of my utter worthlessness. My husband will miss my money. Beyond that life goes on.
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Jan 8, 2013