They Say A Story Loses Something With Each Telling. This Story Has Lost Nothing.

I am eighteen years old. Female. An Australian.
And i watched my mum die.

Though to me, she wasnt just my mum. she was my strength, my hope, and my best friend.

Now, i wake up every single morning and think of new ways to kill myself, i hope i never get past boiling point.

Only Two months after my mothers death did my dad go and find himself a new girlfriend, that came with a new family.
The last time i saw my only brother he tried to strangle me in front of all my friends-plus his.

The only real blood family who i have in my hometown is my dads sister who used to treat my mother like **** so to me, we are not family.

My best friend is there for me, and was there the night she had .. everything happened. But she doenst know what to do to help me, and i am thinking she is giving up.


It was all about 8.30pm, at my favourite place in my life. The hockey stadium. A big thick smog came over the field, and my mother who had just walked up from the ground, became extremely short of breath and had a major asthma attack, which the led on to a major heartattack, eventually a seizure.

she was rushed to our local hospital whilst the ambulances still worked on her, and five hours later she was transported to the city by RFDS.

4 Days later we were told she had too much brain damage and that she wouldnt ever open her eyes, walk, talk or breathe without a ventalator.


I lost my whole world that day.

I do not have a reason to live anymore.

and trust me, i have looked and looked for a reason.



IamMaya IamMaya
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 7, 2010

Hey! look, my reasons are much smaller then yours and honestly I never had to go through something like that but... want to be friends? I don't know, maybe it'll help! I'd certainly like to hear more about you and what you feel and maybe, who knows, maybe it'll make you feel better!<br />
What do you say? Please say yes!!