Don't Know What To Say

So... Hi, I'm 20, I'm an college student and my twin manipulates me and pressures me to no end... to the point of getting physical sometimes (though I wish she beat me more often... bruises and wounds are easier to deal with then those words...). This has been this way since 3 years ago, our parents know and do nothing (they did nothing when they could and now it's too late). I lost the only friends I had of my own because she didn't want to sleep alone during the week for 1 year, the only friends I now still have I have to share with her so I can't talk to them... she makes me feel like trash and maybe I am... but if I could deal with that before with some home-made coping mechanism, right now, after my girlfriend breaking up with me (anyway, in a more then 3 years long relationship I was the only one trying), I don't think I can deal with this by myself anymore... And right now I'm shaking allover because I'm writing this in my room (the one we share) and I just know that at any moment she'll ask me what I'm tipping and try to see it... I just pray she doesn't. She usually goes as far al blaming me for the weather or her computer crashing when she's using it... and there is nothing I can say because the more I try to stand up the more she crushes me... Every time I say were I want to work after college she says she'll go there too... I getting scared that, unless I get a companion, I wont be able to get rid of her ever...

Thank you for your time... Really!

Kisses to everyone, hope all your problems are at least as small as mine!

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Yeah, yours is worst, I give you that... stoll, about getting rid of mine... that'll be very hard (not to say impossible) because she is convincing everyone that we're gonna live together and no matter what I say, she'll force me to endure her.. and I really don't whant to get married to solv the problem because that'd be getting another problem to myself (in general I'm against marriage). <br />
Thanks for answering, that was very nice of you!<br />
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My dad makes me feel like trash and yes I want to die now too. So your problem is kinda smaller than mine, cheer up and think of your twin as an evil you'll soon get rid of.