Legless Urine Bag On My Stomache Freak And Thats Just To Start

i lost my dad at ten my mom gave me up at 13 i have been picked on becuase i didnt have good clothes my first wife left me for another so did my second babys mom now the woman i am so in love with is leaving me i was in a bad motorcycle wreck feb10 2009 i lost my rt leg steel rod in left metal plates in left arm back and pelvis i have a urine bag coming out of stomahe i get long term disabilty wich is not even close to what use to make i blew my settlment on the woman i thought loved me i cant afford to get a place to live or assistant i have to pay 213 a month child support and he is calling another man dad i cant drive to see him my first wife is 80k behind in child support my state will not help she lives in another state my girlfriend wants me gone so my son and i have no where to go i have to go in hospital for gait traing physical therapy for my new leg i cant find a home and i cant drive to my drs appt i just know the world is better without me my boys will be more financialy stable without me why cant i get the nerve to pull the trigger

freakbagboy freakbagboy
36-40, M
Feb 27, 2010