I Always Kiss My Wife While Shes Being ******.

I like to teeze other guys with her perfect ******* and no pantie look.
I generally will eat her ***** while she gives head to the other guy,
and when she is nice and wet and he is nice and hard, I will switch
places and look in her eyes and give her a passionate kiss while my friend penetrates her.
I like to see that especially so i will have him do it several times so i can see his **** entering my horny wife.

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With an old girlfriend, while she was riding his **** while facing his feet, she asked me to lick her ****. It was wild licking her and feeling the guys **** slipping in and out of her as we both raised and fell on it. A couple times she raised up too high and his **** popped out of her and right into my mouth. I didn't really mind and just helped get it back into her sopping wet *****. The next guy we did that with, she raised up just as he was ******* and he shot most of his load in my mouth. I have to say I liked it and we did that many times after that.

I love to join other couples that like that.

i would love to be kissing my wife as another guy rubs his **** head on her ***** lips.then have my tongue deep in her mouth as his **** starts to slide deep into her *****.then feel his hard deep thrust in my wifes ***** till he pumps her of his hot ***.

I like to be kissing my wife passionately as the other guy moans and fills her up. It's even better if I can put my hand on her ***** and have the guy's **** sliding between my fingers as he ***** her. This lets me feel his **** pulse so I know the exact moment she is receiving his load. I have even told my wife how I love her and ********** while the other guy fills her. Then I go down on her and get my reward! Hot beyond belief!

i would love that too

Think the best position is under her, licking her ***** while she takes his **** doggy style. This affords a perfect view of his **** entering your wife and the opportunity to lick it while it goes in and out of her.

thats so hot. i would love to get my wife ******* other men. so i can eat and lick her ***** while she gets ****** from behind.

I love to do other guys wifes, but have never done that.

Have you tried a 669? I would like to show it to yo... You will lick her ***** in a 69 position while I **** her doggy style... YOu will have first hand view of her ***** and my **** cuming in and out of her...

Loved your way of doing thing. If only my wife would understand i wish the same for her