An Accolade

Another good bye.  I thank you for the beautiful garden. The exotic scenery. Your soothing voice, all would just be pleasant memories.
I enjoyed the magic of truthfulness. You proved to be Special. And it has been a wonderful flight to witness your greatness. 
To feel your beauty inside, as you led me to your world, My Prince.
And now it's time to bring together the days I dwelt in your words. Let me read to cherish your memories day and night.
Let this be a our parting ways. No regrets, just delights. I become versed with your name. And with all your truthfulness, I offer this favorite.
Thank you for being you.
ladyryan ladyryan
46-50, F
4 Responses Feb 29, 2012

It is not over. It is start of next leap...

Aww thank you for reading^^

Very nice story and images.

Hey, thanks Pal. Good to see you around. Thanks for the kind words.^-^

goout to a nice dinner maybe a nice shown then kiss you good night as i head home

Ricki that is lovely. Go out to dinner, I like it very much.

"I thank you for the beautiful garden. The exotic scenery."<br />
-must be an accolade to the landscaper ;)