I Just Want to Meet the Right Person

What the hell is the matter with me....

I dont know , perhaps i am shy, perhaps i have a low self esteem, perhaps i am the most ugliest and hideous person ever .

You will never know how much i long for someone to share my day with , to sharte my life experiences  , and to laugh with.

many people i meet are shallow , they only look on the outside and not the real person .

i guess i am doomed to be alone forever , its hard to face -lonelyness . But i must .


Hello its been awhile , since i last posted and a lot has happened in a long time .

I moved out of where i was living and into my own place , much better for my mind .

Last September i started Wing Tsun martial arts , Wow this is almost spiritual for me i have started to really take care of myself , i have lost a lot of weight and gained my self esteem back again . People have started to notice i am looking good again...andf i feel 10 feet tall .

The other weekend i had my palm read , it was so accurate ..amazing . In under a year i have turned my life around for the better and will continue to do so !

Thanks for the nice comments

dredd dredd
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6 Responses May 3, 2007

thats is the best thing that can ever happened to us...change

I feel exactly the same way about myself. I might even feel worse than you. I think of myself as the ugliest thing, and even when I think I look okay, I look in the mirror and suddenly the reflection has changed. Everyone tells me that I'm beautiful but I've never been in a truly open, wonderful relationship. But...you and I both need to realize that that's not our fault. If we both had the confidence that everyone in this world should have, we'd realize that romance is a two way street and there probably is someone out there who is desperate for our attention. <br />
With low self esteem it's easy to blame yourself. But don't see it as something you're doing wrong, because if you do, you'll force yourself to change and no one will fall in love with the truly unique person you are. No one wants to be alone, but no one really is. If you have family and friends by your side, you're never alone. Just lonely. And I know how much you long to share intimacy with someone, many of us feel the same way, but know this, when the time comes it will be worth the wait. Statistically, every human will eventually have a meaningful relationship with someone, and besides that, when you feel lonely, just remember that somewhere under the great big sky is another person, someone absolutely perfect for you who is just as lonely as you, because they don’t have you in their life yet. Please buck up, low self-esteem is the crappiest thing in the world to have.

There are no hideous and ugly person as i believe, GOD created us equally. And if u think that ur ugly, maybe im ugly too. not having someone by ur side doesnt mean that your ugly. it means its not the right time yet for you to have someone....Just wait and dont loose hope, am sure right time will come.. and right person. Just think that there's no ugly person in the world, not you, not me, nor anybody...believe in urself, love urself, and most of all believe in GOD...he will give u strength and self confidence. as well as he will give someone to love u.. just like my man whom GOD gave to me...

what ReformedAutomaton says is so true. love yourself first, and then you'll become more open to loving experiences from others. not everyone is shallow. I used to think this too, but I've come to realize that most of the non-superficial just aren't overly vocal about it, so you'd have no idea unless you got to know them.

I've felt that way for the longest time and still do quite often. I suspect that you have the same problem as me, a problem loving yourself. If you start to love yourself and care less what others think of you, you will see good results. No matter what anybody says or thinks about you, it should not change the most important love of all which is self love.

I feel like that too! Desperately want someone to kiss and share my life with. I really do hope someone comes your way soon.