If I Could

I would kiss you with passion

And feel my soft touch 

Never releasing my mouth   

I would kiss you with love

And feel your heart dance

Fullfilling your chest with a love story


I would kiss you with tender

That my heart can stop

And it will last until the dawn comes

I would kiss you for hours

Never say stop

You will always be my dream


I would kiss you deeply

And feel the heat of your mouth like a hug 

Making your heart the slave of this love

I would kiss you desperately

Rough or tender

That opens the door of the madness


I would kiss you softly

And with closed eyes feel the show of this love

I would kiss you with promises

Because I will always be yours!



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10 Responses Sep 27, 2008

This sounds like the most wonderful kiss there could ever be.

I am walking through the market square of our little town and suddenly across the street my eyes are drawn to the most divine face.<br />
"That face is so beautiful!" I think, as I start to drift, unaware of what I am doing, to your gaze. Slowly but surely I find myself coming to stand before you at the fruit stand. We say nothing but find ourselves so drawn to each other. It is my hand that reaches up to touch your cheek. Your skin is so soft, so smooth, so unblemished. My hand cups your jaw as my face dips to yours...your lips so smooth, so moist, and as my finger reaches them and runs across them: so hot. So fecund. Your silence and slight flinch tells me you are not resisting me so I lower my face to yours.<br />
Ever so gently I touch your lips with mine and sparks fly, a volt of electricity rushes through me. I press a little harder and my lips are a bit firmer as I find that your responses match mine like two hands in prayer. Lips to lips, pore to pore, heat to heat, you to me---sigh---you to me(!) and my passions rise. I lean in with more passion and wrap my arm around your back and kiss you with a sweet passion I have seldom felt. Oh your lips are so incredibly made for giving the gift of, yes!, the kiss! I am dizzy, yea, woozy with your face, your silent ex<x>pression of affirmation that thrills me to the core. I lean you over my arm and kiss you once more, fully open to your perfection, and inviting you into my heart, into my life, and into my very soul! Come take me darling,. I am yours now...your kiss has won me.<br />
I lift you in your beautiful dress into my arms, your lovely form so full of swells, curves and privacies so complicit like your kissing lips<br />
in this excitingly dangerous act of passion and intimacy. You suddenly lift both your arms and wrap them around my neck and shoulders and guide me back to your lips and I descend like a moth to a flame. Your re-engaging our kiss makes my heart race, my hands shake, and my body quiver without a touch of shame. Oh yes, I want this if I have to serve eternity with the devil I want this!!<br />
Again and again we ravage each other with no more than a kiss, the joy of our discovery of each other is powerful, cognizant, all encompassing, we fuse into one, there to give ourselves to each other in everlasting bliss. A kiss. Our kiss. We are from two to one.

I crave ur passion 4 kissing! hw i wish 2 kiss U!Thanks

Special loves in our life's <br />
<br />
Was thinking of you a short while ago Missed your sweet kiss <br />
<br />
and love your precious smile just thinking of you and your beautiful eyes Just looking into mine <br />
<br />
<br />
they'll tell no lies Wish I had your love <br />
<br />
love that never breaks Kiss your lips taste the sweetness of love <br />
<br />
Feel the touch of your fingers on my skin ..Wake up with you always by my side <br />
<br />
Kiss your lips taste the sweetness of love ..Life's love passions set FREE<br />
<br />
Is not a kiss the very autograph of LOVE ?xxxo cAnDy

Can't describe with words what I felt

lovely like always, can i have a kiss now? :)

you write so beautifully and full of passion .. I love reading your stories

TEP - I had to sing the lyrics for the song Sunshine Of Your Love (Cream) from the 60s the other day. I never realised what emotive words they were/are. They remind me of your beautiful sensual poetry.

Your words inspired me, I had to get it out<br />
<br />
Like a Tea pot except I need a bigger spout<br />
<br />
You are a romantic and we need more people like you<br />
<br />
Kissing is fantastic, a bonus for love between two<br />
<br />
<br />

Passionate kissing would be greatly received<br />
<br />
Your soft touch would only at first hard to believe<br />
<br />
The thorght of you never wanting to release<br />
<br />
Allows us both to be happy and easy to please<br />
<br />
Kissing with love is the only way to kiss<br />
<br />
Doing it untill dawn no sleep will I miss<br />
<br />
Yes it would be deep and the heat would be intense<br />
<br />
Tender, want and passionate , It does make sense.<br />
<br />
I will never think of asking you to stop or retire<br />
<br />
Not when I see your heart has so much fire<br />
<br />
If you kiss me deperately and its rough or tender<br />
<br />
Stength from my sole I will need to render<br />
<br />
My eyes will be closed too as the kiss turns to soft<br />
<br />
Always wanting more and never wanting to finnish off<br />
<br />
The kiss will be a promise more important then word<br />
<br />
A promise of forever I felt and I know was heard