Its Scares Me...

it is incredibly hard for me to describe how much i crave a true kiss....


in real life i would never tell how desperate and lonesome i am....


i feel like ive spent my whole life obsessed with the idea of love and being in love, and only being able to keep that obsession inside of me has made to so much stronger....



i feel like the only thing keeping me alive is wanting to expierence love so badly...and also its my loneliness that makes me hate living.


the thought of an amazing kiss give me goosebumps. a kiss thats long and passionate and real. 


a kiss from a boy who loves me & dosent want to kiss anyone else, from a boy who loves to touch me, a boy who makes me feel secure & safe, a boy who can love me as much as i love him.


i wanna take care of someone , and i want someone to take care of me.


i have so much love to give, its exploding out of me


i want a #1 , and i want to be someones #1


dotta415 dotta415
18-21, F
3 Responses Oct 25, 2009

was the second part to me? im 19 lol

like 99% of the time i have that same " welcome to the real world" attitude, but theres 1% that i just like desperately hold out for inside me &i have a feeling you're the same way...<br />
<br />
also....its pretty typical that a older male would tell a 19 yr old female to just go for sex haha thats like a very high majority of responders i get are males of you're age group. racking up a high # of sexual partners is definatly not something i want for my life. besides i truly believe that sex would be better with someone I love, or atleast i hope it is........

*kiss* XD, surely youve kissed someone though? i know how you feel well for the wanting love so much part, im kinda giving up wanting it because its nowhere to be found which is bad stuff, dont be sad tho :)

This is where I feel that I'm at too. I want it and I'm willing to do just about anything to make it happen but I'm finding the harder I try the worse the situations end up. So I'll just be happy with myself in the meantime