A Little About Me

1.) My name is Bailey
2.) I am a tomboy
3.) i am 13
4.) i am 5.4
5.) i have learning disability's
6.) i have ADHD
7.) i have a funny personality (so people say)
8.) i love animals
9.) i am a good person to talk to
10.) i am a good listener
11.) i like to play any types of sports
12.) i like to run everyday
13.) i am a shy person
14.) i want to be in the Navy when i'm older
15.) i am good student
16.) i am fun to hang out with (so peope say)
17.) i am weird to have as a friend
18.) i like cats
19.) i like the color Navy blue
20.) i like to draw
21.) i wear one piece of jewelry
22.) i wear jeans, a T-shirt and tennies
23.) i love video games
24.) i have 2 brothers
25.) i am awesome xD (not)
26.) i have brown hair and blue eyes
27.) i don't have many friends offline then i do online
28.) i am random
29.) i am a good person to help you in need
30.) i am not mean unless you make me mean
31.) i am very sweet
32.) i love music
33.) i love to listen to: Country and rap
34.) my favorite bands are: Maroon 5, Linkin park, and Green day
35.) my favorite songs are: one more night, new divide, and 21 guns
36.) i like to climb trees
37.) i sometimes get depressed
38.) i am a very happy person
39.) i have awesome friends on Ep
40.) i am very fond of Wolfs
41.) i am not perfect
42.) i have some anger issues
43.) i am home schooled
44.) my favorite movies are: MIB (Men In Black) The dark knight &Jungle book,
45.) i love to read
46.) i like to watch football
47.) i am a very chill person
48.) i like to do home work
49.) i sometimes can sleep for hours
50.) i am a Christian
51.) i can be a moron sometimes
52.) i play volleyball
53.) i love to learn
54.) i like to sit in the rain
55.) i love to hear thunder and rain as i fall asleep
56.) i am honest
57.) i do not lie to my family or friends
58.) most people think i am weird
59.) i love to sleep
60.) i was adopted
61.) i sometimes get excited
62.) i am creative
63.) i don't take to kindly to bullying
64.) i am very protective of my family friends
65.) i am night owl
66.) i sometimes worry to much
67.) my favorite food is: Chinese, Itaily, and Mexcan
68.) i was bullied in school
69.) i am a person who doesn't let her anger out unless needed to
70.) i am more of a Country person then a City person
71.) i have friends i can talk to with out them judging me
72.) i am not so calm when someone talks smack about my family
73.) i have gotten in fights before
74.) i am stronger for my age
75.) when i'm older, i'm gonna move out to the Country side
76.) i am not so sweet and kind when someone makes me mad
77.) i love white roses
78.) i am easy to please
79.) my perfect date would be: sitting down next to my date, playing video games, eating pizza, and listening to Country
80.) my favorite candy is: reases, orange slices, gummy bears, air heads, red fish, sour patch kids, starburts, and skitals
81.) i sometimes cuss on accident
82.) i do not like One direction or Justin Biber
83.) i have trouble in school when trying new things
84.) i have insomia, it is a sleeping disorder
85.) i like to hang out with friends
i'll finish it when i have more :P lol
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3 Responses Jan 22, 2013

I'm sorta ADHD and learning can be difficult for me (especially if its REALLY boring) and thanks for adding me. I'm a demigod

lol thats a little bit lol i am so like that

Wow, that's alot

hey, i'm like so sorry, i was asleep, and didn't hear the thing go off, i'm so sorry :'(

That's fine, I understand (hug)