De 20 Most Best

one i am a female....

two i started this already one time but i can not find drafts so i am starting over

three at the this moment i am listening to the xx ....good music.

four i and choosing to spell out the numbers in Latin alphabet ,it looks completely weird ..the lay out tha tis.

five anyways,I am kind of cold this morning and i feel too fat to eat breakfast

six i really love watching the stars at night in complete silence

seven i love hot tea

eight i am in love with tacos ... lol

nine i judge myself all the time ,sadly.

ten i love the pearl jam ten album

eleven i love my son and watching him grow everyday he is funny and makes me smile.

twelve i am american

thirteen i need to start having will power more

fourteen I listen to music all the time basically

fifteen i am interested in traveling to another country

sixteen i am a very passionate person I can not express that enough..i love awkward eye contact.

seventeen i love looking into eyes ..brown eyes are so lovely and blue or green eyes are magical.

eighteen i do not paint my finger nails any colors that look silly .I like flat reds,extra dark purples and black or a pastel color.

nineteen i am currently listening to ten album now since i answered question 10

twenty I can not believe i thought of 20 things.I may do the 50 one next.I am wearing a batman arkham city shirt right now and i have no make up on.
decept decept
22-25, F
Jan 11, 2013