Just Beginning...

1. I think the title to this group is stupid. Shouldn't it really be called...'I want you to know 50 things about me'?

2. I am only writing this because there are many more important things I should be doing - this is what I am like; I avoid things.

3. Stop reading now because there is no way I would ever share any deeply personal stuff, so all of this will have been vetted by my mind first.

4. I'm having a break to think...in my break I noticed 2 things - 1 or 4) I have to add a logo to a group I join if it doesn't have one. Taa-daa this group has a logo now.

5. I worry about things. All things. All the time. Stupid things. I can't help it, even if I know it's an insane worry. So I felt bad just now, I took my little 'break' and as I pressed 'post' I got an EP notification that I had a trophy for finishing 50 stories hahaha, the irony, anyway, now I feel guilty. Actually it's gone now but I do genuinely worry about nothing.

6. People like me. It's just a fact. I'm talking about irl. It started when I was little. When I went on Brownie camps I would wake up and all the girls in the tent would be cuddled up to me. Nothing dodgy they just said I smelled nice. Maybe that is dodgy?!?!!? It can be quite stressful. I'm not great with demanding people.

7. I get away with everything. People never believe it is me. I am not as perfect as they all think.

8. Bit of a weird one after 7 but I genuinely try to be nice to everyone. I hate confrontation, nastiness and bullying. I always have to stick up for people being bullied. That's been in me since I was a child.

9. I'm thinking 50 seems a long way off. I am an ideas person. I have wonderful, inspirational, creative ideas and never finish anything. I'm good at inspiring others to do the work for me. Shame I can't get a story writer here :)

10. I'm an extremely emotional person. People can think I'm a bit extreme in my behaviour. Like wildly happy and then manically sad. I actually like sadness. I love sad songs, I can play them over and over and feel happy. What I'm trying to say :/ is that I like to 'feel', I like to feel emotion rather than a dull existance. Oh but I hate 'drama' not that kind of emotion.

11. I am not materialistic.  I am trying to opt out of society. I don't feel the same as other people. I don't have any desire to compete. I don't care what car they have, which house they're living in or what holiday they are going on. I don't really care in terms of myself. I just want enough to get by on. I'd rather live, I mean really live. Just a quiet happy, simple life by the sea enjoying my hobbies and nature. Lots of people say they're not materialistic. I don't believe them.

12. I hate FB. When it snowed I knew they'd all be posting pics of themselves and their families in the snow. It's like a competition, who can look like they had the most fun in the snow with their family? I also hate all that writing a message to their toddler that can't read as their status, 'Oh George, Mummy and Daddy love you more than you love Thomas the tank engine and we're so pleased for you that you did a wee in the potty today!' WTF?

13. I love imagination. I am always daydreaming. Reading is important to me.

14. I have vivid dreams and nightmares. I can remember them in detail. They are like action movies.

15. I recently quit my job without a new job to go to. Everyone thinks I am mad. I still don't know what I want to do with my life. I am scared I will get swallowed up in life again.

16. I adore music. I love to play it full blast and dance round like a mad person - only when I'm alone. :D

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Oh hahahah, I was just thinking this was a load of rubbish and I should delete it before anyone read it! :D

i love the non materialistic bit.. :) super huggles :)