50 Things.

1) I love music, I can't go a day without listening to any kind of music. It would drive me crazy.
2) I have one true best friend, who is more like my sister. and many other friends whom I adore, but just don't share the same connection with.
3) I'm a gamer, but its not my whole life
4) I love the movies that Marvel makes, and Green Lantern.
5) my birthday is march 21.
6) I have feelings towards a guy friend
7) my favourite Band ever is : Billy Talent. I go to their concert everytime they are near my town.
8) I want to experience the small town life one day, perhaps in the future.
9) my ultimate dream is to become an author, writing books and having people read them.
10) I love reading, many different types of books
11) I have 2 tattoos so far but am planning on getting at least 4 more.
12) I'm scared to get my nose pierced, and my tongue, and my lip... yet I can get tattoos without hesitating, thats a little weird.
13) I hate math
14) I'm a psychology major, but I'm going to be a nurse
15) I want to learn to play the guitar
16) I can play the piano
17) Hockey is the best -- Canucks are the best - Kesler is the best
18) I like doing creative things, like painting
19) I love photography too
20) I have a list of places I want to travel to.
21) I am very shy but once you get past that i'm not so shy anymore
22) I'm a introvert, therefore I don't like to tell people all my problems
23) I tend to keep things to myself.
24) I hate the taste of beer, unless I'm already drunk.
25) I've never had a one night stand before
26) I want to ride on a motorcycle one day
27) my goal is to meet the billy talent band. that would be super amazing
28) I love thunder storms, and lightening storms, and walking in the rain.
29) I work out at the gym as often as I can
30) I dont know if I want to have kids one day
31) I do want to get married one day
32) my middle name is Tasha
33) I dont know if my birth father is alive
34) I cant wait to move out
35) I love going to movies
36) I love my family
37) I enjoy skating, and biking
38) I love Greys Anatomy
39) I love skittles
40) I love Harry Potter, and Hunger Games series,
41) I want to learn spanish, italian, and french
42) I dislike all forms of insects
43) my beyond absolute favourite quote is lyrics and they are : " Keep on Dreaming even if it Breaks your Heart" -- I love them so much I made cut outs and put them on my wall
44) my other quote = in order to accomplish great things one must dream as well as act, plan as well as believe
45) I dislike people who chew with their mouth open, it irkes me
46) I want to date a spanish guy
47) I want to learn how to hunt with a bow
48) I wish I could be vegetarian but I love meat too much haha
49) One day I am going to bun-jee jump, and sky dive, and deep sea dive, etc.
50) my favorite meal = fettucini Alfredo and chicken.
CaptainChelseaTasha CaptainChelseaTasha
22-25, F
Jan 23, 2013