5o Things

1) I love taking photographs
2) I love fashion
3) I love Harry Potter
4) I love Nature
5) My favourite type of car is a convertible
6) My favourite color is blue
7) I love reading I'm a book worm
8) I love walking
9) I love playing badminton
10) I like all sports
11) I like gardens
12) My favourite hot drink is hot chocolate,My fav cold drink is pepsie
13) I like making new friends and meeting new people
14) I'm not that tall
15) I love sparkly things
16) I like to collect- jewelry
17) I love drawing anything really but mostly fashion
18) I love Fashion :)
19)I like high heels
20) I like Goosebumps its the best
21) I love British comedies
22) I'm not that neat but try to be
23) I love trees
24) I like EP
25) I like all kinds of Music
26) I like going to the cinema
27) I'm sensative
28) I'm shy
29 ) I'm chatty
30) I like using the net
31) I have read all the collection of Annie Dalton's Angelic heavenly books

32) I like learning songs off by heart
33) I use to be in a chior
34) I use to be a Girl Guide
35) I love to camp
36) I love barbeques
37) I hate the smell of cigarettes
38) I likeĀ  bicycling
39) I love guitars wish i could play one
40) I love colourful things
41) I love my parents
42) I love flowers
43) I use to watch Power rangers the good version not the crappy version they created today
44) I love Arabic music
45) I travel alot

iwanttobeafashionesigner iwanttobeafashionesigner
26-30, F
1 Response Feb 20, 2013

you got 5 more things to go but very nice 45!

Thank you I'm not sure what else there is any ideas

nope but i did enjoy your list so 45 it is!

Ok thanks anyway