1. I'm 16
2. I'm a junior in high school.
3. I got to a career center and am getting college credits for early childhood education.
4. I want to be a social worker or counselor for kids.
5. I have three nieces and three nephews.
6. I got my licenses over the summer.
7. I'm getting two college credits for the classes I'm taking.
8. I'm in a more advanced math class.
9. I played volleyball and basketball for 8 years.
10. I have fallen in love before.
11. I'm not a virgin.
12. Music is legit my life.
13. I haven't had the best life but I'll bring happiness out of it for the sake of others.
14. My fake smiles seem so real I trick myself sometimes.
15. My bestfriends name is Shawn.
16. I drive myself to school.
17. I have lost too many people that I feel everybody will eventually leave.
18. I just want to feel like someone cares for once.
19. I have stopped five potential suicides.
20. I stopped a couple people from self harm.
21. I use to self harm, but stopped...
22. I'm a couple months clean.
23. I'm not very open with things that go on.
24. I'd rather give advice rather than receive it.
25. I'm half way done.
26. I can't wait until I'm 18 so I can leave my house.
27. I have a white impala for a car.
28. I'm not rich at all.
29. Words people say hurt, but I've heard them so much that they don't bother me anymore.
30. I don't really care what people think of me.
31. When I say I'm fine I'm usually lying.
32. I need to make more friends and closer friends.
33. I get along better with guys than I do girls.
34. My favorite basketball team is Miami heat.
35. My favorite food is pizza.
36. I made one really good friend off of here
37. I have an iPhone 5c.
38. I have four brothers and 3 sisters.
39. My favorite bands are before you exit, sleeping with sirens, and 5sos.
40. I love love love Channing Tatum
41. I love horror, action, comedy movies.
42. I hate to read but love to write.
43. I love receiving long messages to read as well as sending them.
44. I'm currently listening to music.
45. I feel like I'm losing my best friend to her boyfriend.
46. I'm use to people leaving and not caring.
47. I have major trust issues.
48. My little brother is my best friend
49. I'm going through a rough time right now.
50. That's me.
thatbrokengirl101 thatbrokengirl101
18-21, F
Aug 24, 2014