I'm Getting Fatter By The Day.

In the past year I've gained 10 lbs. and every excess ounce is around my middle. I just hate it.
I've read about middle aged spread and how your body hangs onto every ounce of fat because it creates a 'substitute' estrogen, which of course, is diminishing during menopause.

I've read that really, all you can do is eat less and do more, but... omg! I can't eat less unless I quit eating altogether and I could do more but I work (on my feet) all day and the last thing I feel like doing is exercising.

Has anyone any experience with the "Diet Solution" diet. Basically they say to severely reduce your sugar intake and that most carbs are not good. They say not to eat the fake butters but do eat the real ones (and oils and nuts etc). They say that starving yourself puts your metabolism into starvation mode, so your body hangs onto every calorie it gets, as fat. (So in my case that's two reasons my body is holding onto every calorie. 1.) Menopause and 2.) Eating too little. )

Of course they want you to buy their books, including the one I'm most interested in: the one about finding your own metabolism type. This is to diagnose whether you are a protein, carb or mixed metabolic type. (???)

I googled it and every thing I found on the "Diet Solution, metabolism", no matter what web address, leads back to the 'Diet Solution' people giving themselves 5 stars and A-1 ratings, so that people will buy their books.

Does anyone know any thing about this diet; in particular - 'finding your own metabolism type?"
And, has anyone else found a way to beat this middle age spread/belly fat issue?
If so, please share your information with me!!!! Thanks!

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its imposible to go on a diet for me i get cravins. so what i noticed is that when im on the hormones my body fat shifts to my but and when im not on them my tummy gets bigger and my but gets smaller so perhaps yu should discuss replacement therapy with your doc

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I am 52 and understand your problem. I was the same and had tried loads of "diets" non of them work but by trial and error I've managed to sort out what does and its really simple and effective. I have managed to keep the weight I have lost off and am continuing to lose. <br />
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If you are intersted to chat with me you can please let me know.<br />
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okay, i also have this problem...any and all suggestions are welcome...I try very hard to stay away from simple carbs..ie...sugar and white flour , rice , etc...My husband is also a diabetic so this is quite easy for me to do...but the weight won't budge...

I'm vey interested I'm in the same boat. I'm 54 in the last 3 years up to 20 extra pounds belly & butt. I use to be very slim & miss it so. I watch what I eat. & have had comments from people I eat like a bird. But it just keeps coming. HELP. I am all ears