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During freshman orientation, the school was giving out a lot of free stuff to all the incoming freshmen.  They gave out these coffee mugs to anyone who wanted one (they were just out on a table).  It's dark blue and has the school logo on it.  It's my favorite mug because it brings back a lot of good memories about orientation and my entire freshman year.  Good times :)

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I have a "Raiders" mug. It is solid. <br />
I have been a fan since the 60s.<br />
I like the black and silver colors and the skull and cross bones.<br />
I am mostly a fan because I love the “Raiders Nation”.<br />
I always ware a Raiders' hat, jacket and/or t-shirt and I am always getting a thumb up from fellow Raiders’ fans. All teams have fans but Raiders’ fans are a bit different. There is a bit more of the outlaw in the Raiders’ fan…DD

so did I....and you are right....Cool Mug

I checked it out, that's a cool mug!

I have a coffee mug that I'll never use. Cost me $400 on ebay a few years ago as a collectors item. Can see a pic in my album.<br><br />
My daily cup is solid black, or the one with a German Shepherd image on it.

hahahaha that's an awesome mug!!

I had one, it was an awesome rock bratz one my dad gave me one Christmas. It was really big, so I was happy =] But it got lost or something so my new one says "Sometimes I wonder 'Why is that frisbee getting bigger?' Then it hits me!" It was the first time Id heard that joke and it totally cracked me up.