Up Then Down Then Up Then Down Then Up Then Down Then Up

UP:  I moved to the city of my dreams a few months ago


DOWN:  My grandparent's beautifull dog was put to sleep after 12 great years on this earth.


UP:  i got to meet my one best friend I hadn't seen in 3 years


DOWN:  she is going to be homeschooled, if she was not, she would have gone to my school till the end of college.


UP:   She announced that she will come back to school in one year!


DOWN:  i spent the last christmas mid-move, so we had a tiny rental house and no tree.


UP:  I got a pet black moor goldfish. he is my little buddy. =)

SuperAwesomeCool SuperAwesomeCool
1 Response Mar 11, 2010

sorry for the down news , <br />
<br />
happy for you with UP :)