Always Hungry And Nervous

in these last days I am always hungry and naughty .....

my last night was very boring .. I got home angry as well lol

I was nervous most the time ...

I get sad when I just remember the past whether was good or bad :( ..

I am looking for a job these days .... hate looking for jobsx(

I went to the mall twice this week and I couldn't  keep my voice down .... I don't know why do I become so noisy person sometimes lol

my friend asked me to keep my voice down or they will kick me out LOL

Umm... I always feel pain in my body these days and I am very dizzy .

while I'm writing this .. I can't be focused because I am so hungry ... and I feel pain in my back .

I am really unfocused these days ...

best news that my ROOM is very clean :D

listenup listenup
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2 Responses Mar 12, 2010

*hugs* .. thanks amy :) <br />
<br />
that is a good reason to make me noisy lol <br />
WOw , THAN;S YOU SO MUCH .. I LOVE PIZZA .. come on share it with me but without the noisy prince :p <br />
i know it will be okay too but I always still nervous even when I know lol *hugs* :)<br />
I am glad too lol :)

lots of hugs*<br />
first u are noisy coz i tell u about noisy prince :P<br />
second i send u a pizza*<br />
third i get nervous too but know it will be ok-hugs*<br />
wish u best luck for finding a job*<br />
and im glad ur room is clean heh :)