Growing Up On a Farm

I was a member of the 4-H and Future Farmers of America growing up.  In addition to learning parliamentary procedure, we were required to learn how to judge different types of cattle, soil, and plants.  It was amazing how much I learned in that class, but the cattle and soil judging were my favorites.

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4H and FFA were some of my best times growing up. I think I learned a lot from those programs that the average young person has no clue about. I learned more than just about caring for animals.

I read this with interest, and when I was finished, wished you had written a bit more about your life on the farm and 4H. Perhaps in your many stories I could find more...<br />
...I was in 4H too, it taught me a lot. I grew up on a ranch with horses, cattle, hogs and crops, Ii wish more kids could have had this experience, to understand 'life' just a little bit better.<br />
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