Growing Up On a Farm

I was a member of the 4-H and Future Farmers of America growing up.  In addition to learning parliamentary procedure, we were required to learn how to judge different types of cattle, soil, and plants.  It was amazing how much I learned in that class, but the cattle and soil judging were my favorites.

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What do you think about them Faucon?

LOL I like mine medium; Let me know when it is ready.

I love the longhorns. I think they are so pretty.

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Oh, when you are a farm girl you know lots about chicken, pigs, cows, and horses. You also know when to plant and harvest. I guess those things aren't as important in the world nowadays.

MMM singer. I miss oreos.<br />
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Flour, cool... we will have to talk about that more. I had a turkey that I had to raise too.

I love the black ones....I just love Chocolat milk....mmmmmmm goes real great with Oreo's

i grew up in the country and i attended 4-h too!

Kristen, over 900 cows! wow! thanks for the posting. There is some interesting stuff there.<br />
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YW Lunar. I just love cows.

Thanks Funnygirl for clearing that up for me. And thanks Kris for the url. Fascinating for some of us anyway. I always wanted a snmall herd of Guernseys for some reason and now I know why. LOL Cows can be so sweet, but they can be SO stubborn too. I'd rather worship cats and just raise cows maybe. LOL

LMAO, there was a study done of elementary and junior high students a few yrs back, and sad to say that a large percentage could not answer where certain farm produced items came from.

i used to be really stupid. i used to think there were strawberry milk cows too but my mommy says that strawberry milk just comes from white milk cows that eat a lot of strawberries :-)

OMG Rick. We need to talk to you about cows soon.

i only know 3....white milk cows, chocolate milk cows and moomoo cows :-)

Thanks Rog!

Guernsey cattle get their name because of the Island that they were first bred on. The Guernsey cow is known for producing high-butterfat, high-protein milk with a high concentration of beta-carotene. Guernseys produce high quality milk while consuming 20 to 30 percent less feed per pound of milk. They are also known for having a lower projected calving interval and have a younger average age of first calf heifers. Another attractive characteristics of Guernseys is their lack of any known undesirable genetic recessives.<br />
<br />
Jersey cattle are used most frequently in dairy farms in the USA today. They are named after the island where they were first bred as well. The so-called American-type Jerseys were noted much more for production than for beauty. The Jersey cattleā€™s milk contains less butterfat than the Guernseys but is the preferred dairy cow in the US. Jerseys are a lot bigger than Guernseys though and due to the fact that they eat more, the milk from a Jersey cow costs more to produce per pound. <br />
<br />
Holsteins can be black and white or that brownish color and white, which is referred to as red and white. Holsteins are some huge a$$ cows. They also have one of the longest production life of the dairy cows.

Leon. just don't consume too many of those flies. Yuck. Good one on the bells. I was going to use the joke and then tell you something but you beat me to it. The reason certain cows wear bells is that cows are herd animals and the ones wearing the bells are the "lead" cows. The other cows follow these ones through the pasture as a group. The other cows get used to hearing the bell and become accustomed to following it's sound.

Black angus are excellent for beef production, I think, altho here in Texas they have good success sometimes with Brangus hybrids b/ of the heat and drought. Holsteins are such pretty cows and good milk producers. Which do you think is better, Jersey or Holstein? Is the borwn spotted cow, different from the black and white Holstein, or just a color variation? Don't see those much around here. I believe the Guernsey is different from Jersey, but not sure why or how.

lmaoooo nice one chameleon boy did i walk into that one guessing that is why we have sugar and pineapple juice haha

true but doesnt everything lol

And the milk tastes a little different depending on breed and what they are fed.

Im sorry im not too familiar with cow breeds i just like the milk they give me for my cereal ....yummy gotta have my coooooookie crisp lol

LOL you are too funny... Do you know what the bell is for city lizard?

I love Black Angus, Holsteins, and Jerseys... for different reasons of course.

Do you have a favorite breed? I personally prefer Charolais and plain old Jerseys, but those weren't considered money makers for a long time.