We All Hear the Good Things...what Are Some of the Bad?

Here are some of mine....

1. I have trouble sitting still...kind of hyper. I never watch tv without reading at the same time, so I miss a lot of what is going on on tv.

2. I get bored easily.

3. I job hop. After a year or two, I want more challenge. I have never worked at one job for more than 3 years at one time.

4. I am a neat freak, except were my closet is concerned and it is usually chaos.

5. I procrastinate paying bills, so I have them automatically deducted.

6. I can be very sarcastic.

7. Men can make me angry ( and many times they do not actually deserve it).

8. I have a habit of not giving up when I should.

9. I can ramble on and on and on ...

10. I never leave my bedroom/bath without my hair and makeup done.

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2 Responses Nov 16, 2008

I'm very organized in my own way, so don't move any of that clutter on my desk. I know exactly pretty much where everything is most of the time...

I have a habit of not giving up, but I don't think I should...