I Was Embarrassed Today!

Most people who know me here on EP know that I am recovering from a back injury. I am taking a physical therapy class at the pool, and a Range of Motion class as well. The range of motion class is also an in pool exercise class.
My Range of Motion class today had 15 females and 2 males. The pool is heated to 91F, for the arthritis patients.
Today we were doing an exercise using floatation devices, so the pools currents push us around the pool. Well I was floating near the deep end with a woman behind me, and a young woman in front of me, as the current pushed us the three of us got very close. Suddenly I hear the female instructor call out, "I hope you three are friends, because your about to become very well acquainted"!
The woman in front of me responds "Oh abigguy and I are very close friends" Then about 6 more woman shout out, "Oh yes we know the bigguy very well" The teacher looked sort of shocked but then said,,"come on people spread out before we become one big happy family!"

I am sure I turned three different shades of red, but it was a good time!

PS. the average age of the woman in the class is around 72. the ones I was floating into were about 45!
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6 Responses Oct 26, 2011

hey good job, spread the seeds

Well....I can clearly see just how each and every one of those women would want all the attention of such a wonderful man!!!

Big guy, didn't i tell you to leave the girls alone??? besides..those women should be me and THM..hmmm...

I Know!! Then we could really warm that pool up!

We could make that pool extremely hot!!

Is that a "huge secret?"

lmao! not huge, not at all!

It is...don't be soooo humble!

You know you loved the attention! I bet the other guys were envious!

He was giggling! lol

Seems like you are the favorite of the class :-D<br />
Enjoy the attention, you deserve it.

Oh I do seem popular...not sure why, just my incredibly handsome mug? Well probably not!

oh Please........stop with the modesty. You are a great guy and it's not hard to see why the ladies like you.