Caught In Undies

I am male and at the time i was 22 in college. Me and my g/f were playing truth or dare. I chose dare and she dared me to wear her bra and thongs over our college holiday. So she gave me a few pairs of her bras and thongs. And so i went home wearing the undies.
Now when i sleep i usually just sleep in my boxers so natural i just slept in the thong and bra. One morning my mom came in to wake me up and my bed covers weren't covering everything. She woke my up and as she was almost outside my room she says " oh and that green bra and blue thong looks great on you hahahaha"

Later that day she came back from the city and said she had gotten some new clothes for me and when i looked in the bag it was all bras, panties and thongs.

All over the holiday she was saying things like "don't be such a prude and loosen up your bra" and "don't get your panties in a knot" and "jeez what's up your butt, oh wait i know"

And when she would find a bra or pair of panties in the laundry she would say "Are these yours or mine?"
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It may be embarrassing but the story is funny and your Mom handled it well. She could have screamed at you and things may have not turned out so well.

how to explain that one...

That would be embarassing comming from your mother !