Starting The Boat.

One summer day,my husband and i were out on the lake in the boat.The battery cable had came loose and the motor would not start.He was working on it,and told me to pull the cord to start it,so i did,and on the 2nd pull,my bikini top popped off,and i did not realize it for a minute or two.Now that was embarrassing,a few people saw it,but were not rude about it,one elderly man,said "oops"My face was blood red.and i blushed,all over.That was my most embarrassing experience,well my last embarrassing experience.
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Hmm - sounds like you probably started more than one motor that day! hehe! :)

Oh yeah sure did

Being exposed is one thing. Being exposed around your parents is something else. So glad you can laugh about it now. Awkward around the Christmas tree with parents I would guess. Lol

I never was exposed around my parent's after i began to 'develop'I can laugh about it now and so do few others that will not me live it down,one being my sister,she every so often will call me 'flash'

Sorry thought you said your parents were in a nearby boat.

No,i said an elderly couple were in boat nearby,not my parents.

A few years ago one of my daughters was trying to learn to ride a surf board at one of the beaches on Maui, she had crashed several times but was determined, one crash took her bikini top, it was not to be found. Without hesitation and fully exposed she came up the beach got a tee shirt and went back to the surf board, a wet tee shirt doesn't hide much, but like I said she was determined.

its funny!!!!!!!!!<br />
but embarrassing, lol!!!!

It is now that i look back at it

*pop*goes the bikini top lol

I would argue that being exposed is not a reason to be embarrassed. I'm glad you got it running.

Easy for you to say,you don't have boobs lol

True, but I have been exposed.

Well like i said you don't have boobs and at the time i was the shy type

Being a guy, I'm rather pleased not to have boobs. I'm sure that yours are and were nothing to be embarrassed about.

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Yes we got it running,and i was embarrassed because there were several people close in other boats,cable was loose

No reason to be embarrassed. Did you get the motor running again?