Embarasing Moments

I was browsing the internet news today and found this interesting tidbit.

Two would-be thieves were attempting to rob an Internet cafe when Samuel Williams, 71, pulled out a hand gun and began shooting at them.

Video footage of the robbery at the Palms Internet Cafe in Ocala, Fla. was captured as two men, identified as DuWayne Henderson and Davis Dawkins, walked in wearing hoodies and toting baseball bats and a gun.

As they were apparently telling everyone about the robbery, Williams walked up behind them and started firing, leading the robbers to fall over each other to get out of the door.

Both men were apprehended, and Henderson was treated for a gunshot wound.

According to the Marion County Sheriff's office, Mr. Williams had a conceal and carry permit. Williams was not interested in speaking to the media about the incident.

Henderson and Hawkins both were charged with attempted robbery with a firearm and felony criminal mischief.

This is sure to spark debate across America about gun rights. We'll see if Williams ever chooses to speak to the media about this incident. But we're pretty sure he's going to get some high-fives from his grandkids after going Dirty Harry on these thieves.
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Hey I'm for the guy! thanks for writting this.


Hooray for conceal and carry

Ilove it! yay for the old guy!

Yeah<br />
I suspect your right.<br />
I saw the video, and it was so damn funny watching these guys run over each other to get out the door.

Yeah!! The bad guys finally get what is coming to them - jail time!! Want to bet they plea this one, get short jail time and then Henderson sues Williams and wins?