First Shopping Trip After The Baby- 2 For 1 Special!

A few weeks after I'd had my son, I decided I needed to get back on with this business of managing the house. I woke up, wrote the checks for the bills that had been on the dining room table when we'd come home from the hospital and made sure the checkbook was balanced. I fed and washed us both and packed up for the grocery store.

Of course the instant I tossed the first item in the cart the baby started to cry. After about 5 minutes I was in the car driving the screaming baby and myself home for round 2 of the feeding, washing and dressing routine.

When we returned (this time I'd ran us both out to the car the instant I burped him so he'd sleep through the trip) the trip went slightly smoother. Slightly..

Down one of the aisles, a woman stopped me and said "I think you dropped something." while she was looking down at the floor. Four feet behind me, in a crumpled wad, were my underwear.

I turned red, thanked the woman, and backed my cart up to pick them up and stash them in the pocket of my huge maternity dress. When I stood up, she blocked grabbed a corner of my cart and blocked me against the aisle, hissing "Hurry up and put 'em back on before someone sees you!" I complied, startled, and thanked her again before getting back on with shopping.

10 minutes later, at the checkout line, the cashier seemed to be trying not to look at me. I had picked the baby up because he'd started fussing again, and as I looked down to make sure I wasn't holding him upside-down I discovered the cashier's issue. His tiny little fist was wedged with just enough fabric to open the nursing flap on the front of my dress.
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6 Responses Jul 29, 2012

I cackled. Makes the time my friend's husband almost yanked the blanket off me while I was nursing pale in comparison.

Almost smelt down day! My wife and I did better with our second one! Thanks

wow..... That had to have been a very embarassing day..

Gotta love life after baby!!! I'm still trying to figure out how one's panties fall off them if installed properly? ;-)

What a great memory!!! Loved reading your story. I recall very little from those first few weeks after baby :)

Wow, Rucca, this would have been a perfect opportunity for pantyflauge!