I Got In The Wrong Car.

Oh well,I would've never thought I was THAT -er- ...empty minded.

*Sigh*..It was a normal boring day,just left the doctor's cabinet,and my dad called me just so I know he parked the car infront of the hospital.
Anyway, I opened the exit door and saw a black Q7 who was right in front of the exit.
I smiled,feeling amazed over the fact that my dad actually thought of putting the car closer to the hospital so I dont have to walk more ^.^

Long story short, I saw --what I thought it to be my dad's car, and I opened the door, -- I proceeded to sit down but with a fraction of a second I saw a man who was sitting in front of HIS car, cleaning it....He looked at me, woahh--he looked like he wanted to kill me, but I suppose,what stopped him was his shock--that I also couldnt hide.
I cant even describe how awkward that moment was, I quickly stood up, and started blabbering some stuff that --I hope sounded like an apology.
He stood there pokerface looking at me as I basked in my walk(--or rather, my run) of shame.
Luckily I saw my dad's car pretty quickly and prayed he didnt see the whole scene.
Well...atleast that wish was granted.
I, till this day haven't told my parents about this.......hehe...."unfortunate"---incident.

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3 Responses Sep 10, 2012

Lucky you. In our times there were many wars, so men were killing each other there and it was not so dangerous to be sitting in wrong car. Now they would rape and kill you, or maybe even kill you first and after rape you. So don't you make the same mistake now.

When I drove my grandma to a doctor's appointment a few months ago, I actually did pull the car to the front so she wouldn't have to walk so far as she was leaving the clinic. Unfortunately, there was another car that looked very similar to mine directly in front of me. She walked towards it, opened the door, and started to get in. When she looked at the driver she let out a granny gasp with her hand over her mouth. The driver laughed, got out of his car, and helped her walk over to my car. It made her feel extra old since the guy clearly assumed she was feeble-minded. In fact anyone could have made that mistake as she just wasn't looking that closely. Then again, derpetted, it might just be that all you old ladies make the same mistakes.

wtf i just posted that. jesus you read fast.

I just did this the other night, both cars were dark grey and I walked out of the shop and without even thinking about it went to the wrong one and tried to the open the door, while there was someone else in the passenger seat, like I didn't even process that they were there because I was too busy thinking 'I want to get out of the rain' soo yes that was an uncomfortable moment we have shared. And they looked at me like I was trying to mug them or something.

Instead I looked around bewildered, then started laughing upon seeing our actual car and walked away towards it still laughing, I didn't even remember to apologize or anything only walked away laughing and got in our car