8th Grade

Well,I can say that an embarrassing moment happened in eighth grade.I was getting ready to go to my next period when out of nowhere I got a wedgie and brought outside to a giant tree.I looked back and saw my ex and his friends.they hung me on a branch and took all of my clothes off.Then they slid the sides and the front of my underwear on the branch and tied them.I was there for an hour when I felt my butt getting spanked.I couldn't see who was spanking me but I knew whoever was doing it was really strong.After awhile,they stopped and went inside.Then I heard the end-of-the-day bell and when everyone came out,they started to laugh.Then I heard my ex say "Hey everyone,you can give my ex as many swirlies,noogies,wedgies,wet willies,and spankings as you want!" And from that day on,I was known as "The Pranking Girl"
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- In middle school too, they bullied you? You have had some rough years and again the teachers didn't come to your rescue. That's crazy.