In High School

When I was in High School,I was a wimp.Everyone bullied me,even the nerds.One day I was walking down the stairs and 2 nerds walked in front of me.I said "What do you want?" And then they said "Turn around." So I turned around and they taped my hands to the wall and pulled down my pants.That day I wore a diaper underneath cartoon granny panties.And when gym ended,all of the jocks and cheerleaders came and saw me.The nerds had left before gym ended.So they all laughed and the cheerleaders took pics.Then 1 of the jocks gave me an atomic wedgie and taped it there.Then1 cheerleader poured a whole bottle of itching powder over my butt and in perment marker,she wrote "Spank me" on my butt.Then they moved on.Then the biggest nerd in the whole High School came with 2 paddles and spanked me so hard,I started peeing.He moved on and another cheerleader and jock group came over and gave me alot of laxatives.When I pooped they laughed and moved on.Then one average kid took me out of the wedgie,changed the diaper,put 2 big bottles of itching powder on my butt,and put me in a jock-lock.I was there for the rest of the day when the 2 nerds gave me back my clothes and got me out of the jock-lock.
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That's awfull what happened to you. Sorry to hear that someone would treat you that way, when didn't want that treatment. You were there all day like that, so didn't the teachers give you an unexcused absences for all your missed classes, which would of made them punish you, right? None of the teachers walked by and would come to your rescue? When I was in school there was bullying, but I haven't witnessed a story as bad as yours.


Graet story just one thing why were you wearing diapers.

I knew I was gonna need them.That is why I wore them.

I see can never know what will happen so better have it and need then need it and not have it .