Buying Feminine Products At The Store

So yesterday I went into a CVS drug store to get some feminine products. I was in line when I start looking at one of the people that was at the register. I couldn't quite pin point where I knew him from but knew that I knew him... I don't know if he recognized me..but I did at the end when it was almost my turn to ring up my stuff. It was this former class mate that would sit next to me in one of my classes about a year ago. I wanted to say hi...but felt kinda awkward having him ring up tampons and panty liners . When I realized it was him I tried to hide it to my side and let the lady behind me go in front of me so that he could ring her up and I go to the other cashier that was a girl. Then I just quickly bought the stuff and jammed out of there so fast. Felt bad for not saying hi..but that would of been weird... Maybe I'll go another day when Im not buying embarrassing things and say hi and pretend I just recognized him...he is a nice guy after all :)

Is it just me or are others that still get embarrassed about buying certain things like feminine needs or sexual stuff ? LOL
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1 Response Jul 30, 2013

I think most women do