As a teenager, in my beginning of crossdressing, I was ************ while wearing a woman's dress. I was so excited and involved I didn't notice my older brother until.............there he was!
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many I just have no idea as most were just silly like allowing my self to be dressed as a girl by my friends just to bug her aunt when we went to look at xmas light

we had to sleep on the floor sometimes if her mothers brother was there with his wife and kids and we were asleep by the fire place when nana came to check us and change us then she started tpo cover us both up and she took my hand and slide in back inside my firnds diapers aon her bottm and then she kissed me and told me to protect her

I tried really hard to protect her from age 11 till just after we both turned 19 but when death came for her I was unable to stop death as I was in a coma the day before due to friend fire that left 2 of us alive our of 15 on a plane