While working for a cruise line in the mid 80's, I was relocated to a passenger cabin due to work being done on my permanent room. Upon moving into the new room, no one told me that the door lock didn't work and would unlock on its own. So after work I took a shower and just felt like chilling out. So I ******** naked and laid on the bed that was directly across the room along the window of the cabin. I started feeling horny and decided to stroke myself. My eyes were closed and I was in the moment when all of a sudden, the door slammed open. Thinking that was strange, I got up as fast as I could and locked it.
Not long after I got a knock on the door and I dressed to see one of the male stewards at the door. He advised me that the door lock in this room didn't work and also that he and others liked the show. I was totally embarrassed.
brial1 brial1
56-60, M
May 13, 2014