There was this few occasions that made me question my sanity later on in life, the first was when i got my first pubes, as my mom and i were real close i told her everything that happen in school even at age 12 when a boy would normally start to hang with the guys more than with mom. so i when running to her and said "im a big boy now mom, look i have hair here" i had only lowered my pants just enough to show pubes and not to flash her my privates, she then told me "well you surely are, now your next goal it to become a man" and i took that as a challenge.
some years later i was hanging with my friends who were a bit older than me and were talking about their girlfriends and stuff that i didn't care much about, and one day the topic was penis sises, they were talking about how a man's penis was the level of how manly he was, me being the dumb little kid i was i showed my penis to my friends when they were comparing, i was not the biggest nor the smallest, but i was the youngest so that made me think that i was big enough to be a man at my age, so i when to my house and i ran to my mom's office and told her "look mom am a man how" this is were i question myself, i was so exited that i was a man that i got hard, and i mean really really hard, my skin was starting to peal back by itself for the first time, when i walked into the room where my mom was working on the computer i took off my pants and drop them to my feet with my spiderman's underpants, i was hard as i had ever being and it was pointing right at my mom, this is where it gets real ******* weird, i was walking to my mom with my pants and undies around my ankles hard as a rock pointing at her saying "im a man now"

to be honest i never talked about that after that, and i have no idea what when thru her head when she saw her only child do that to her, i mean it was not like i wanted her to touch it or something odd like that, but i cant help but to think that she tough that was my objective.

After that the only think i have ever done as to show or fash my mom was when i was working with some friends in a construction site in the summer to get some money fast and all the hard work helped me grow muscles in my back and i just had to show her how i can flex them, that would probably by the must innocent thing i had ever showed her.......

Well that was the embarrassing things i have done, i may post more things that i have done, but i just wanted to get this ones out of the way first
FernandoMC FernandoMC
26-30, M
Jun 21, 2014