Terrible. About a few weeks ago I was chatting with a friend on yahoo messenger. Just casual talk, getting to know one another. It was still morning and I was in the kitchen in my nightgown with my son and a few of his friends upstairs (they are all around 11, good friends with the parents who live in the neighborhood. I watch some of them from time to time). While at the kitchen table I started to feel a little frisky as how the conversation was going and decided I was hidden enough to take action about it. I figured they were upstairs, and I was in the kitchen with my legs under the table, even if they come down I would have plenty of time to adjust.

While, After a few minutes or so of talking and enjoying the dancing of my hand, sure enough like thunder rolling up, down the stairs they come. I stop and compose myself and into the kitchen they flow. All playing around chasing on another as kids tend to do. In there mind they are probably off on another planet playing tag. Anyway, after they finish in the kitchen, a few getting a drink of water, they scurry away. Close call, not really, I knew what I was doing and planned ahead in case that was to happen. Now, what happened next I did not prepare for. Once I heard them go off and up the stairs, I began to resume what I was doing previously ( Trying to make this as EP friendly as I can). The chatting is great and everything else starts to pick up nicely, just how I like it (when it is the dead of winter and you go out to warm up that car, to get that heat cranking and that engine purring). Just as I gets to a place of near certain results, my leg kicks something and one of the kids bolts out from underneath the table! It took a few seconds to figure out what actually just happened and to also see if from the other point of view. Horror quickly set in as I could not believe someone was under the table. How on earth did I not know and oh my god, what did he see. I know exactly what he saw and the embarrassment sank over too me. I told who I was chatting with and they laughed, as to what else can you really do when someone tells you something like this. I got an apology later but at that point, the damage was done and the cat was out of the bag. You can say it was my own fault and I will probably tend to agree with you. I knew the risk but accounted for everything but that, hide and seek under the table!
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That kid knew what you had been doing before he crawled under the table. Quick thinking on his part.

😲😲😲😲😲...Oh ****.

Ah me, just another reason to be grateful I never had to hide it. Thanks for sharing a very humorous story

Now why didn't that happen when I played hide and seek ....

I love to hear how you were "getting into" The chat!