So I was a chubby kid in middle school and naturally teased a lot for it. Concerned about my health and out of control cheeks, my mom put me on a strict diet and packed me lunches for school. One day mom packed me this meatloaf and green beans. Oh man, I knew what was coming as soon as I opened my Tupperware. The kid next to me got a whiff of it and noticed my lunch and said "Ewww what's that?" And the other kids followed suit "YUCK!" "That's disgusting!!!!" "Why would you eat that?!?" :( I hung my head low and stared at that delicious meatloaf that had betrayed me and shamefully put the lid back on my Tupperware and sat at the lunch table with my stomach growling. Being a kid that was super embarrassing. If I could go back, I would have eaten every bite of that meatloaf and would have told those little bastards to suck it. 🍖😁
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