There was a very tall girl who was trying to put me down one day at school. I proudly insulted her by calling her a "Saskatchewan", for everyone to hear. Someone told me later that I must have meant "Sasquatch".
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When I was younger, I had a huge crush on a girl. One day she approached me with her friends in tow. My friends were also close by. She told me that she heard I liked her and wanted to know if it was true.

I went silent and froze right up.She was gorgeous.

Some of her friends laughed, then my friends laughed . When she laughed I turned and jogged right out of the school yard and didn't stop running until I got home.

I think I was about 10 or 11

Meh, she's probably on welfare with six kids now.

Ha. That was pretty funny. You're good at this whole EP thing.

funny :-)