smoke from fancy party favors made my allergy flare up &..& i sneezed on a birthday cake........beautiful add on if you ask me
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you could have also peed a little your pants while sneezing... so if you didn't... you were lucky

Oh no ... must test it first before using it. Happy birthday.

Oh mine is way more embarrassing than sneezing lol

Singing loudly in the auditorium with a few hundred people and not knowing the song was over.

Several hundred people: fee fi fiddie e i o, fee fi fiddie e i ooohhwoahwoahwoah, fee fi fiddie e i ooooooooooo, strumming on the old banjo

Just me at the top of my lungs: and sing like fee fi fi..... Oh... Oh.... we're done... Ok...

*the entire auditorium immediately fills with laughter*

Had sex from behind in the sea. We both thought it was our partners until she turned round

I was more embarrassed than her

It seems so untrue but whilst regretting it at the time . Now 😎