When I was in high school, I had a side job babysitting various kids around the neighborhood. One of them was my friend's 9 year old sister, a particular brat who would often give me the most trouble. So, one Saturday afternoon, I went over to babysit as her parents and my friend were heading out to dinner. So, I always went in expecting the worst, but for a few hours, we just sat and watched TV, in most silence. Then, she tells me she wants to play a board game from the closet. I go in to get a few down, but she closed the door on me and pushed a table in front of it so I couldn't get out. I could hear her laughing, and I'm banging and yelling to let me out. I start to get claustrophobic, and then I start crying, so she goes "Is my babysitter crying? I guess you're the baby then!" Finally, after like half an hour of banging and crying, she lets me out, and I look like a disheveled, sweaty mess. Immediately, her parents come home, they ask me what happened, but I get my money and just leave, not wanting to talk about it. It's not very proud to be bested by a child!
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children are evil

That they are.