This one is the latest, so after the church ceremony, we were on the parking lot with our fellow church mates and we used our uncle's car which is a black one and it was night already. So I was between these two black cars, and I was unconsciously holding a car's handle in front of me which I assumed was my uncle's. I was looking at my uncle on my side who was talking to someone, there was kinda a blow in my uncle's stare at me and then the car in front of me (which my hands were on) suddenly pinged (meaning unlocking the car) and I gripped the handle tightly, ready to open the door but suddenly, I had this funny feeling and my auntie behind me popped and asked, "What are you doing?" I was like, 'don't you see auntie? I'm getting inside the car!' But I didn't respond instead, my uncle on my side was already chuckling. "That's not our car dear."

I was suddenly dumbfounded and found this guy in front of my uncle laughing too. The three of them were laughing before I realized everything—I was grabbing the wrong car. And the right car was which one behind me. I bursted out chuckling too (I found my reaction laughing just not to expose I was embarrassed) and apologized to the friend of my uncle who owns the car I was grabbing very, very wrong LOL.

Glad I wasn't a stupid kid anymore, everyone make mistakes, darling. ;)
gabfreak gabfreak
16-17, F
Dec 30, 2015