Being forced to sing in a college music theory class while i was the only one doing it and 40 other kids watching me. I can't sing i don't enjoy it. My voice is low, and it cracks when i try to sing.. Sounds like no big deal but it caused me to get high blood pressure for awhile.

I hate embarrassment so much. Easily the worst thing in the world for me.

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sure thing

That's cool

No worries I am still alive and strong after everything.

No I wouldn't because sometimes things can have traumatizing effects on a person that they never heal from.

I said okay to you, and said nope not easy at all to facing my fears...

okay<br />
<br />
Nope not easy at all.

Yeah it is fine. People will like you better once you do. You should also fill out your profile info for your friends to read.

That is good.

I said two comments. The first one was for ThisNYpixie. The comment under that one about changing your avatar is for you. People will like you better if you have an original avatar.

Another tip, go to google and find a picture you really like. Make it you avatar.

Some people pixie...<br />
<br />
I am a lot stronger now than when I was depressed back then.

You seem to have a lot of experiences. You should join so more experience groups and write down all your stories that you have to tell. It is a great way to make friends with the people here.


Not really to be honest.

I have no idea


I am tired atm, so not really.




Dunno if that is wise, but you do what you have to do.

Probably should get some sleep then. I am assuming you still have school.

Isn't it late where you are right now?

You seem really interested in talking, why is that?

I guess they would fall down?

Yeah, I see.

for what?

Yeah I seen a lot of it too.

Yeah I understand

I am stronger than that so don't worry. I am cool with it all.

My brother and I fought all the time, we are cool now though.

Yeah, that is definitely not something i wished for.


Never heard of it.<br />
<br />
Make ton of money not doing anything at all to earn it.. I dunno maybe be a professional fighter, or a musician.

Well there isn't anything I can do about it.

Well try not to think about it then I guess.

that's cool?

Yeah that is just life, take the good in with the bad.

It usually gets better when you get older. People mature more and don't do that crap as much, but there will always be those who are ugly on the inside.

As long as there is hate, anger, abuse, and violence in this world it will never end. In a perfect world we would all be kind to each other, but this isn't a perfect world.

I think bullying is a result of bad parenting, and teachers not doing their jobs correctly. Teachers can't do their jobs though because the parents won't let them. There is too much bullying in school, but at the same time this world is not an easy place, so kids have to learn to survive. If you aren't tough this world will eat you up alive, so in a way it can be good to prepare you for what real life is like. It is a real shame that people have to hurt each other though. It is all a cycle, parents are bad to their kids, and those kids grow up bad. Those grown up kids become bad parents and etc... the cycle just goes on and on.

Can you be more specific?

sure thing

you can say anything with sarcasm, when you are reading you are putting your own voice, and emotions into my words because you can't hear my voice. It is a loss of communication that way, but no I haven't been sarcastic to you at all.


uh huh

Yeah you put two and two together. I only look at the new comments of my stories, and not the old ones.

I don't know. This is an old story so I don't remember the comments that are on it. I wrote this story almost a year ago, and haven't looked through all of the past comments.

Well I don't have a clue.

As always I have no idea what you are talking about.<br />
<br />
I am fine, how are you akasarah?

let me get this straight....a cross dresser, playing dress up w MOM?! Was embarassed when cousin want to show and tell....<br />
<br />
How ya doin Arorin?!


I see


uh huh

College is a little different. You don't goof off when you pay for your own school.

shut it lala...


To avoid a fight i am just going to say to each their own..

I was in college though. It should be self learning and not so much hands on crap. They should give us the work and let us go to do it. <br />
<br />
I had to do a lot of embarrassing stuff in grade school though.

-_- i am already red, i was like a christmas light..<br />
<br />
Im not a singer, i am a guitar pla<x>yer.. If they wanted me to play guitar fine, but i dont need to sing.

Hehhe this made me giggle

I don't usually go to the Q and A part of ep, but i will look around.

I wasn't in college to sing. I was in to learn music theory. I should have the option to just sit back and watch. Those bastards.

That is the very same thing that happened to me at school.<br />
I was forced to sing for an exam and then got given 2/100 (or was it 2 out of ten ?, I am not sure now but know I got 2)<br />
I can't sing in tune and they knew that - the embarrassment is with me even now