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 I think there is nothing more rewarding than closeness with someone from a variant culture, because they force you to question and examine your own assumptions.  Nothing has made me realize how much of my "self" has been influenced by my own culture more than this.  I think too often we stay within the bounds of our own culture, even our own sub-culture (which is heavily applicable in the US), thus missing incredibly fulfilling and impactful experiences that we could have merely by finding people with different worldviews.  I think that we erect our own personal barriers to maintain sameness. I also think that most cultures encourage us to segregate ourselves--it is indeed difficult to cross boundaries.  But we must fight-- we must find people we love everywhere.  The more we become familiar with and start to love various cultures, the more people it connects us with.  This is where I find my fulfillment and personal growth.

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I couldn't agree more.<br />
But I find it really very difficult to get along well people from different cultural backgrounds. We need more cross-cultural communications.We need more comprehension about different as well as colorful cultures.

Well said! And good luck with your journey through the cultures of the world :)

My Mother has hosted exchange students in her house since I was in third grade. I am very grateful for the exposure to culture that experience has offered me, and agree with you that different cultures have much to teach.