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No Surprise Here: Hell

"Going to hell is fine with you. You're not sure if you even believe in hell.
And if there is a hell, it's probably a pretty fun place! You rather be stuck with the troublemakers.

Life is short, so why wouldn't you live it up? Being good is incredibly boring.
You're not going to miss out on anything in life... even if you have to lie, steal, or cheat to get it."

For the record, I don't agree with the second half of that last statement.
PeachesGalore PeachesGalore 46-50, F 4 Responses Mar 7, 2012

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I got a second "hand basket" if you need one!

As my friend Dom used to say "If there's fucken hell, then I sure don't want to go to heaven". Funny that, because he ended up going all religious and in a SM with every single family member despising him. I guess he lost his sense of humour some place after the age of 19. I recently met him again as a 50 year old sad person.<br />
<br />
Being good doesn't have to be boring, you can do lots of fun things and poke around in dark corners and be the life of the party and do it in a good way all the way so long as you're not tied up in stupid priestly advice, misguided morality, low self esteem or just being stoopid. <br />
<br />
As someone else said: sex is only really good if it's dirty. <br />
<br />
Lie, steal and cheat is only of interest for those who can't get it any other way. I've always liked Asimov's maxim: violence is the last refuge of the incompetent. I think that applies here, in the broadest sense.<br />
<br />
peace, -P.

When I posted this, I was dealing with some pretty intense feelings of guilt. Or, more accurately, I was grappling with my fascination for badness.
Thank you,as always, for your spin on things, P!

easy have been told many times i was going to hell for loving a person that was not a true female or male but we loved we married and she gave her life for this country<br />
abd i was proud to have been her husband for those shore 5 years from age 13 till age 19 when she was killed in Siagion

kindred spirits...