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Well, there are all kinds of virginities, you know. If you mean vaginal sexual intercourse with a guy, the answer would be 13. But as for the OTHER virginities, I would have to say 5, 7, 10, 12 and 18.
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I lose my watch a lot, but always end up finding it.

Toys and hands don't count unless someone else is using them.

wow my type of lady not afraid to be honest and speaks her mind love it my loss was aged between 8 and 10/11.

so male here... I remember when I was 12 and gym teacher had the fitness/gymnastics section... climbing the rope to the roof of the gym was so pleasureable... and then *********** all over my pants one day.... omg. What a motivator to keep climbing though

Not sure when I first swallowed ***, but I can tell you when the last time will be ... just before my wedding day. ;)

rolls eyes...

So your saying that if you find a guy whom you decide to marry you will then proceed to thank him by never again giving him that pleasure???

Why, yes. Does that seem mean?

cant stop laughing!!

Lost my virginity at 17, wish it hadn't taken so long...

How did it happen, Jacky?

Oh, I don't think I'm naughty. Just more honest.

First ******? Probably at age 7, sliding up and down the tetherball pole.

Well, there's with women and there's with a device and there's.... More