I was 17. I had a girlfriend who was just awesome. She was about a year and a half older than me and in college, She liked awesome music. Like Cursive. You gotta be f*cking cool to like Cursive. She was an artist, [if when you hit puberty you got a hand book on dating, it'd have an entire chapter devoted to art chicks and the inherent dangers they entail] and beautiful.
      We'd been going out for a month or two and one weekend around Christmas, her uncle has her house sit. My brother, whom i love dearly for reasons like this, agrees to drop me off at her uncle's house, tell my mom i'm hanging out with him and crashing at his place t, and also to pick me up in the morning to take me home [My brother is great]. I get to her house and we drink all night with a bunch of her friends and her little brother and some of his friends. Eventually we retire to an upstairs bedroom. We make out for some period of time eventually progressing through bases if you will. I go down, she goes down, etc. We try to find condoms but can't. In our drunken haze we decide we'll go bareback and i'll pull out. It was a little awkard but not too bad really. I can say i enjoyed it. We watch the sun slowly light up the tree outside the window while she falls asleep with her head on my lap. I chain smoke, drink a beer and watch south park. A truly amazing way to end such an endeavor. I replaced my lap with a pillow and exited.

I climb into my brothers car and he and his fiance look at me. "So?". I say something along the lines of, "Yeah i did." My brother smiles. I smile. We drive home. I'm on a cloud for a day.

A few years and a nasty break-up later, i realize a few things about losing your virginity.
1.) "Just cause you feel it, doesn't mean it's there."
2.) Wait a while. A good long while. Make sure you're totally comfortable with that person. You don't want to have any reservations about them.
3.) You can have sex with a thousand women, you won't remember #673 but you'll remember #1.
4.) Sometimes you don't know what you need because you have what you want. We all know what you want isn't always what you need.
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Jul 26, 2010