Julie was her name. She was a year ahead of me in school and was quite experienced. We had fooled around a little but not much due to lack of opportunity. It was a saturday night , we went to a party where to my suprise she stroked my **** under the table. She said "lets get out of here' . We drove to a golf course parking lot . It was really dark as we made out in the front seat of my small car. Pretty quickly she wanted to get in the back seat where she started to blow me...a first..it was amazing but I wanted to **** her. After taking off our clothes and tuching each other some more , she mounted me. MMmmm I remember thinking how fantastic the feeling was. She was very much in control that night...maybe why I enjoy being a little submissive today.....we went at it for quite a while then I asked her if I could get on top. We did it in that position for again quite a while and eventually I came. I remember being proud of myself for lasting so long. I'm not sure if she came....something I wish I had taken care of...but I was too preoccupied with losing my virginity. That was the first last and only time we made love because being the stupid teenager I was I blabbed to one guy who proceeded to tell the world. Sorry about that Julie.
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46-50, M
Aug 13, 2010