Sad But True But Good!

Most of you would say I was a late bloomer. During high school I was just shy with girls so my opportunities were narrow in scope. Fast forward to my freshman year in college and everything changed.

It was just the second week of classes and a junior girl took a liking to me... Why? Because I was shy. Ya gotta go with what works. It was at night, I was talking with her on the phone from my form. She was in her dorm room and asked to just talk with her roommate for a few mins. I said OK and later there was a knock on my door. My roommate open it and there she was, out of breath from dashing across the campus. She asked my roommate to take a hike and she locked the door.

I still remember how she was aggressive enough for the both of us. It was maybe two mins before our clothes were tossed on the floor and she was climbing up on top. I must have lasted about 30 seconds.. No ****! Another world was opened up and I never looked back. That was about 3 weeks after my 17th birthday.

To this day I have a thing for aggressive girls.
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Let me say it wasn't that I was waiting... I just never had the opportunity. There's a big difference. I'm not complaining now. Women sort of like the fact that I wasn't the 1st one out of the box etc.

nothing wrong about waiting..but when you start there's no returning...i waited until 16 because i was shy... wish i knew then what i know now........ please add